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fileundereasylistening/fuel - blind (by klinsman18)

Featuring Members of Bluetree, Lafaro and Snow Patrol in their first band fileundereasylistening.

This was at an event called Black Tie White Noise in August 2000. Song is called Blind. Guitarists - Dave Magee and Nathan Connolly, Bass and Vocals - Aaron Ditty and Drums - Peter Comfort

19 year old Nathan!

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Gary Lightbody interview on The Bridge 105.5 on 28th May 2013.

They played ‘Take Back The City’ and ‘What if This Storm Ends? (The Lightning Strike)’ back to back before the interview and the interviewer is a fangirl! :D

Snow Patrol Greatest Hits (album)

  • Track: Gary Lightbody interview
  • Artist: The Bridge 105.5 (28th May 2013)
  • Plays: 431